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Seoulwise Guesthouse


Overview of Hostel

Welcome to Seoulwise Guesthouse run by ''Seoul and South Korea Destination Expert'' at the world's largest online travel community.

Have you been looking for clean, comfortable and affordable accommodation in a friendly, cozy and quite environment? You have come to the right place.


From Nights People


1. From Incheon Airport

a. Airport Railroad

Take an airport railroad train and get off at Hongik University station.
(Don't take express train. It does not stop at Hongik University station.)
Then get out of exit 2.

b. Airport Limousine Bus

Take Airport limousine bus No. 6002 at Bus stop 5B or 12A at the airport.
Get off at Hongik University station.
Cross street to Exit 2.

2. From Gimpo Airport

Take an airport railroad train and get off at Hongik University station.
Then get out of Exit 2.

3. From Hongik University station Exit 2(5 minute walk)

When you get out of Exit 2, make left turn facing Samsung digital plaza.
Walk down toward a cafe 'A twosome place'.
Pass the building toward traffic signal.
Cross street then turn right toward 'Olive Young'.
When you get to Olive Young turn left and walk down toward 'GS25' convenient store passing 'Vallace apartment', 'KOSA Mart' and a church.
When you get to GS25, turn right toward a cafe 'de Comptoir'.
Turn right at the cafe to an alley.
End of the alley, you will see Seoulwise wall painting..

Located near

Seoulwise is located near Hongik University. This area is most vibrant area in Seoul. There are more than total of 350 restaurants, cafes, bars and clubs. To downtown, where most of must sees are, it takes only 15 minutes by metro.

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Built in 2010. Every guest was satisfied with our facilities so far and will.