Chingu Guesthouse Hongdae - Mr.Kim's branch

19-3, Wausan-ro 1-gil, Seoul

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Chingu Guesthouse Hongdae - Mr.Kim's branch


Overview of Hostel

Chingu Guesthouse Offers:

Awesome staff

Our staff will cater for any of your needs and always provide you with the best hospitality experience possible.

Amazing Common Areas

Due to the nature of our guesthouse we can offer a home like environment equipped with a TV, computer, and a fully

From Nights People


It is easiest to reach our hostel from Sangsu station on line 6, the brown line, and go out from exit #4. From exit #4 walk south approximately 2 minutes until you see a GS25 convenience store on a corner, and then turn right on that corner. Continue down that street approximately 1 minute until you see a C U convenience store. Turn left just *before* the C U convenience store, and continue down a sloped alley approximately 1 minute to arrive at our guesthouse on the left. Come up the stairs and say hello to reception!.

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Conditions & Policy

Child Friendly

Unfortunately due to Korean laws, we cannot accommodate Koreans. Thank you for your understanding.